All of the things we do – where we live, what we eat, our daily habits – it all plays a role in our overall wellness. Learn healthful lifestyle changes to achieve your wellness goals.

What’s Your “Why”?

what's your why?, Jamie Falcon Wellness

I think there is often a ‘defining’ moment in which a person takes a deeper commitment to their own health journey.⁣⁣ Not to say there are not lots of little moments that influence our decision to invest in our health… in my own life there have been many ‘nudges’… but I think often we have …

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Tips for Dealing with Stress

stress tips, Jamie Falcon Wellness

Stress is unavoidable. This year has been filled with so many twists and turns that sometimes it feels like we are living in a twilight zone. It is understandable how many of us might be experiencing more stress than usual, but is there hope? I believe there is. You see stress is more than just …

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