Not All Stress is Bad Stress

sunflowers not all stress is bad, Jamie Falcon Wellness

Not all stress is bad.⁣⁣

Did you know there are two types of stress? Eustress (AKA good stress) and distress (AKA bad stress). ?⁣⁣

Eustress is short term stress and distress is long term, sustained stress. Eustress can actually be beneficial because it can motivate you, ignite creativity or even energize you. Think of that time you waited to finish your final project or when you were training for a race. ⁣⁣

You see stress isn’t bad when it is temporary and allows the body to return to homeostasis (for example, when you turn in that term paper you feel a sense of relief), but when stress becomes chronic it can contribute to complications in our health- high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders, heart disease.⁣

It is important to recognize that stress comes in many different forms. We often think of emotional stress… but environmental toxins and even processed foods put stress on the body as well. Things like sleep deficiency, chronic infections, food allergies/hypersensitivities, household product use, maldigestion, general inflammation, injuries, structural and connective tissue misalignments put stress on the body.

⁣⁣But more than that, perspective impacts how a stressor impacts the body and ultimately your health. Two people can be put under the same stressor, but how they interpret and react to the specific stressor can affect the impact it ultimately has on their health. ⁣⁣

So what can you do? #staytuned Tomorrow I am going to share some tips to take control and find ways to reduce stress in your life.