Offering 1-1 Nutritional Support & Insight

1-1 Nutritional Support, Jamie Falcon Wellness

A couple weeks ago, we took a road trip to Texas. There were a few reasons for this trip, but one was the opportunity to meet up with a small group of colleagues I met through the Nutritional Therapy Association. We can together to collaborate and learn for the weekend.

Life has been a bit crazy since March and that weekend was just what my soul needed. It reminded me why I decided to take a deeper dive into nutrition last year. Why we do the work we do as Functional Nutritional Therapy practitioners (FNTP). And why community is so important in this journey of health and in life. We are not meant to do life in isolation.

The weekend helped gain clarity on where my path is taking me right now and vision for this year when so much is uncertain.

I have loved health coaching. It is part of what ignited my passion for nutrition. And the community of women I have met along the way have been amazing. And I am not ready to let that all go. I will continue to run my ongoing support group for women who are looking to establish daily healthy habits and get in consistent movement… and where they will learn the basics of nutrition.

But I will also be offering a *limited* amount of slots for 1-1 support specifically in the area of nutrition each month.

Our health is dynamic and unique. A one-size fits all model with health isn’t the solution for many of us. Our genes, health history and current habits impact our health today. As a functional nutrition therapy practitioner, I use various methods to assess and take a deeper look at your specific health history, concerns and goals so that I can help you come up with a plan to maximize your health.

Perhaps you eat well… workout and still struggle to reach your health goals? Or maybe you are a postpartum mama dealing with chronic fatigue… anxiety or just don’t feel your best and you want to take a deeper dive to see if there is something more you can do to help? Maybe you are looking to grow your family and want to help support your body to prepare for a health pregnancy? Maybe you are already pregnant and want to feel your best and learn more about how to nourish your baby?

As an FNTP, I am equipped with the knowledge to help you establish a strong foundation that can support these kinds of goals.

If you want to learn more, I offer 30 minute discovery calls to learn about your goals and see if nutritional therapy might be a good fit for you!